Captioning and Keywording Images for Affar Images 

By: Robert Noa      Click Para Leer en Espanol

It is never enough the talk about the importance of properly captioning your images. Why? Because it is the most common error most contributors make.

Extremely short captioning or keywording is one of the main causes for rejection or delays in the processing of your images.

As an agency, we do not accept this practice for your own good. The caption is of upmost importance. And sometimes, whatever you write in this field is published in newspapers, magazines, and other media.

There is another angle to having a good description and keywords: SALES. You can be the best photographer in the world. Your image is going to be among millions of other images as good as yours. 

What would be your edge in that scenario? Yes, describing and keywording accurately. That is how a customer finds and 'buys' your image. The best image doesn't sell if it is not found first. 

So what are the best practice to get your images accepted on the first submission: 

1- Most agencies require the 4Ws in the captioning or description. These are: What, Why, Where, and When. We expect the same 

 A Good Example of Captioning: Old Russian military helicopter rotor head, detail close up. The flying machine is on exhibit in the Sandino Area which is tourist attraction area in the city of Santa Clara, Cuba

 Keywords: old, vintage, russian, helicopter, rotor, close up, machine, military, helicopter rotors, air vehicle, propeller, mode of transport, military helicopter, blade, blue, no people, spinning, aerospace industry, part of, transportation,

A wrong example for the same image is below:

Captioning: Helicopter Rotor

Keywording: helicopter, rotor, santa clara, cuba, metallic

Keep in mind the following to avoid rejections:

1 Captioning must be in your own words

2 Keywords must be between 10 and 15. Use the xpiks software to help you (see video)

3 File name must be in the following format: yourname-sequence. This format is what we use to PAY you, so please, be careful. If you place your name here we will know the money that you made but not the image that was sold. That is why a combination of name and number sequence is the BEST PRACTICE.

How does it look a good work on an image? 

Like this: 

Please understand, whenever your images don't comply with this guidelines they will be sent back for further work. We might refer you to this tutorial for guidance.